What's it like?

'Fuji' apples have it all--super sweet, super juicy and super crisp. Its appeal is its low-acid sweetness combined with juicy firm-fleshed crispness and warm aroma. It keeps longer than most other varieties at room temperature. The characteristic color includes a pink stripe, but high-coloring 'Fuji' strains are now available that are closer to red all over. It is great in salads and applesauce ('Fuji' needs little or no sugar in sauces). This is a great dessert apple and is one of our favorite snacking apples!


'Fuji' is a Japanese apple with American parents: 'Red Delicious' x 'Ralls Janet'. In some upscale Japanese markets a single 'Fuji' apple can bring as much as $10 per apple! It's been growing by leaps and bounds as a US favorite since the late 1980s.


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