What's it like?

Piñata is a new apple variety with old-fashioned apple flavor. The fruit is exceptionally crisp and juicy, with a firm, dense flesh. It has a mild, well-balanced sweet-tart flavor, which actually improves in storage. Piñata!® combines the taste of the Cox Orange with the coloration and productivity of the Oldenburg and the shape, storage stability, and shelf life of the Golden Delicious. It stores exceptionally well, retaining its distinctive crisp and crunchy texture for many months. If you like a crisp, sweet, and juicy apple (and who doesn't?) you don't want to miss this promising new variety.


Bred in Dresden, Germany, the variety was introduced in 1986 and has since become very popular in Europe. Piñata!® is a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Clivia; the latter is a cross between a Cox's Orange Pippin and a Duchess of Oldenburg. The cultivar was originally bred in Pillnitz (Dresden, Germany), over an 18-year period.


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