Our Philisophy

Our PhilosophySustainable Farming at Stone Ridge Orchard

Each year we get asked whether our crops are organic. Our honest answer is always no. You see, growing a high-quality organic crop of anything, especially in our neck of the woods, is downright difficult. But, not impossible. At Stone Ridge Orchard we've chosen a unique path to ensure that our farming practices are environmentally friendly and our fruit achieves the highest quality. In short, we're using a philosophy to farm the land, not a recipe.

Our sustainable farming practices include:

We are currently working with Cornell University on two statewide projects investigating new pest control measures and planting systems designed to eliminate the use of conventional pesticides.

Guiding Principles

We've always practiced sustainable agriculture. Our land stewardship philosophy is about a thought process as much as it is day-to-day operations. We are always looking to the future. We're constantly innovating and pushing the envelope trying to bring us one step further. Over the next few years we plan to transition the farm to organic practices. But organic practices are only a part of the process. In fact, we have already started looking at what we feel is the next big leap: biodynamics. Everyone at Stone Ridge Orchard is deeply committed to producing the finest local, sustainably grown crops around. Join us in exploring the future of farming in New York's Hudson Valley. Come Taste the season with us!