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This October
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At Stone Ridge Orchard, we strive to provide a high quality Pick Your Own experience. We grow top-quality fruits for you to pick and purchase. We ensure that our farming practices are environmentally friendly for your pick your own fruit and our fruit achieves the highest quality. To keep our orchard healthy and safe, we use sustainable farming methods providing you with the best pick-your-own quality and experience.

Pick Your Own Fruit Activities

Throughout the pick-your-own season, Stone Ridge Orchard offers a number of unique and carefully planned weekend activities beyond pick-your-own events, designed to exceed your expectations and create valued family memories.

This year's events include: a wine tasting dinner, crab broil and beer festival, raspberry social, pumpkin carvings and Culinary Institute of America fruit recipe demonstrations.

Pick Your Own Benefits

"Pick Your Own" is not only entertaining and fun; it?s an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The fresh air and sunshine are great for your health, the exploration of the fields and orchard is a unique adventure and the fruit always tastes better when you've "picked your own". Additional fruit picking benefits to consider are:

Ripening Dates for Picking Your Own Fruit

Please note that actual dates may vary due to changing weather conditions, geographical location of our orchard and other factors. We suggest contacting the orchard prior to the expected beginning of the season to check and get updated status on fruit picking conditions.

Apple Picking Information

At Stone Ridge Orchard, We have 11 different apples varieties you can choose from in picking your own apples. Please select from the apple type below to get specific background information about the history and taste of each apple.Apple Pickers

Come visit today and be part of the pick your own experience!